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Welcome to Planet Tennis USA!

Our goal since the beginning has been to create an explosion of tennis in our communities and to promote the sport and all of its many health benefits. And when deciding who should be our main focus at Planet Tennis USA, we realized that the children of our communities would not only be the ones to help promote tennis for future generations to come, but would also derive the most from their participation! Not only will our children benefit from the cardiovascular exercise that they will receive, but they will also gain confidence and self-esteem, learn about the value of cooperation in social interactions, develop an advanced level of hand-eye coordination and motor skills, and a gain a healthy respect for competition. In addition to all this, Planet Tennis USA's organized group lessons will hopefully bring community families together and create more family value in a world that is increasingly overrun by separation. Presently, clinics are run in Florida and throughout the Northeast. All Clinics are overseen by the energetic and entertaining Greg Reardon who is a former Junior Standout and a professional Instructor of 19 years. 

He resides in Florida, but travels north in the summers to research potential tennis clinic sites. He also instructs hundreds of children and teenagers in the Northeast during those summer months. "Tennis is the sport we can play forever," says Greg. "Presently, I have students that range in age from 3 to 90." He also is a firm believer in the ability of tennis to increase self-esteem and confidence in children. "I have witnessed complete changes in self-esteem in a period of just one lesson." The program will be expanding immensely in the very near future offering positions to local students, players, coaches and teachers for summer employment and the great many rewards that come from watching children learn and grow. Also, PleaseContact us if you are aware of any locations in the USA that may be interested in hosting a Planet Tennis U.S.A. Clinic.

These may be held on any unused, or underutilized courts in your community, the best part is that it will make your community that much better with lot's of enjoyment for the kids and their families, the memories will last a lifetime! This program maintains an upbeat, positive atmosphere, and includes a visual, auditory and practical lesson at every visit. The lessons are geared toward a "game-type" setting, encouraging teamwork and character development. In addition, relays are run daily, developing motor skills and providing high levels of excitement! We believe that "bodies in motion, stay in motion" and that children with high levels of energy and self-esteem will become our future leaders. Planet Tennis USA is dedicated to helping our children reach their goals, whatever they may be, through positive reinforcement! The classes we offer include awards and prizes, refreshments, tournaments, and friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. Click on the "Services" link on the left to find out more about class times and dates and pricing information.